The Magnificent Misadventures of Clark and Bob #1

 Incubator Comics Wants You! 

We are currently looking for artists to bring The Magnificent Adventures of Clark and Bob #1 (Aka Cock and Block Comix) to life. Each comic issue will be between 22-30 pages in length. At Incubator Comics we pay artists a fair price for their work, and because of this, we expect you to be qualified, enthusiastic, and professional in your work ethic. 

Qualifications include:

  • Pencillers: Ability to draw characters in your variation of a heroic, classic, and yet comedic Marvel Style. Ability to draw settings and backgrounds that give life to the Cock and Block Universe. (Consider Venture Bros. or Megaton Man to be other quality references.)
  • Inkers: Inking in a style that provides successful usage of black weight and tones to create movement and emotion on a page. (Reference Classic Marvel Comics).
  • Colorists: Coloring in a style that gives the comic a successful adult cartoonish element. (Reference X-Force)
  • Cover Artists: Knock-out, eye popping cover art that fits the themes of the comic issue. 
  • All artists must be comfortable drawing elements of the comic to fit in the dimensions of our standard comic print design 6.63"x 10.24"

Page Rates:

*All page rates and royalties are negotiated officially at the time of contract.  Below is our standard estimate of the page rates we offer before royalty options are considered. 

  • Pencillers: $75/page
  • Inkers: $75/page
  • Colorists: $50/page
  • Cover Art:  $100/per role/per page

To apply, please complete the form below. In the message box, please write the role you are applying for, where you are based out of, and a website address that features excellent examples of your art work. And of course don't forget to tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to work on Cock and Block Comix. 

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