By Isaac Fisher


“Chicken. Hey chicken.”


“You listening?”

“Bak. bakbak.”

“Ok, just checking because I’ve got some things to tell you.”


“You know how there comes that day in your life, when you ask yourself why you were put here.”

“Bak. bakBgak bakbak. Baka bak bakbak.”

 “Ok I’m glad you agree, because I’ve been having some doubts.”

“Baak. Bak bak “

“See there’s this lady who has always provided for me. Each morning she’d set a sun on my plate, sneak a surprise in my lunch, she’d even help me bake cake. I can’t remember if you’ve tried her batter, but it’s delicious. When I’ve needed a friend, she’s always been there. Hugging her is like hugging a pillow full of down. Mmm…  Just to think of it now. ”


“Well, I’ve grown up a little bit now. When wake I up, I must beg her for an omelet. There are no more surprises for lunch. The cake batter doesn’t have that same luster like it used to.  Each encounter is like hard candy.  I don’t want to leave, but we both know that I’ve got somewhere to be. I hug her goodbye, and learn that most of the down has puffed away.”

“Bak BgaaAaak. Bak Bgak Bak Bak. Bakabak bakabakabak bak bkk bk bakbgak. Bakabak bak bak, bak bgak.

“Yes, but you see, I peek under her pillow each morning. The presents she leaves aren’t like they used to be. Instead of big, hearty, elaborate gifts, they are now small and brittle, and I must handle them with ever most care lest they break in my hands.”

“Bak… Bgak”

“I guess I see that the times are changing. Her coat has lost luster. Her eyes have grown wise. She insists that she can still provide, but I feel that its finally time.”

“Baaak Bgak BgaK?”

“Yes, it’s finally time. I’m ready now. She’s been my rock all through my life. Time has weathered her, but now I must polish her so that she may shine like the gem that she is.”

“Bak Bak BAk bak”

“She will be grateful in the end. It’s the natural cycle.”


 “Well chicken, are you ready?”

“Bgaaaak? Bak BAK Bak Bak bakbakbak bak bak bak bgak.”

“O heavens no! Not my mother! She is still strong and vibrant and thank the Lord for it. I’m just a boy.  I look forward to when I will return all she has given me. I am infinitely indebted.  But tonight, Chicken, I talk about you!


“Hush chicken. Don’t be afraid.  The Sabbath comes near, and mother has asked me to help prepare the meal.”