Biting Into a Sugar Cane

By Isaac Fisher

“Come right here one dollar, one dollar. Sink your teeth into my fresh sugar cane. One bite will delight, two bites you're in heaven, three bites and I’ll have you comin’ back to my table in Hilo for years to come.”

“One dollar,” I said, “One dollar?”

“Yes you bet, sweetest juice you’ll ever taste.”

“Hmm one dollar, not bad. For the whole cane?”

“All twelve inches of it, and six more. I tell you, buy my sugar cane, best dollar menu you’ll ever get.”

“Not bad, not bad.”

Wanna know its secret?”

“It won’t be a secret then.”

She pulled my lapel til my ears were at her lips.

“Rainwater son.”


“Yes, and all the polluted runoff you can imagine!”

“O, well that’s not a g..”

Chop, Crack, Voomp! And there it was. I took my first bite.

Elation! Jubilation!

“One dollar you say! I’ll take five, no ten, no gimme all you got!”

“I only got two.”

“Two it is! Here’s two dollars”

“Thank you kind sir, but I’m sure you’ll need more than just my sugar cane.”

“Need more, need more for what?”

“O simple things. Sugar cane is sweet, you’ll need to wash it down. I don’t have any water, but here try my poi. Cleanses the palate, relieves the soul, a sure satiation to your sugar fix…